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Watch out for these two emotions in business - anger and contempt.

ANGER – It’s one of the 7 universal emotions and in the workplace it can cause stress and tension, distrust and less productivity.

With the emotion of anger the eyebrows are pulled down and together and the lips are rolled inwards.

Did you know that on average it takes around 20 minutes for the body to return to its normal state after a full ‘fight or flight’ response? Allow people this refractory period of 20 minutes before you try to engage with them as during this period the level of their cognitive thinking is impaired and they will not be thinking rationally …they need the time to vent before you start offering problem solving solutions.

Time – use it as a strategy in dealing with angry co-workers, managers or anyone else you interact with who is experiencing the emotion of anger, you’ll be surprised at how effective this simple strategy is.

Contempt is common in business interactions, business deals and negotiations where the balance of power is uneven. With the emotion of contempt the corner of one lip is raised and curled upwards. This emotion where one feels a superiority over another person/group of persons and is one which can be harmful in business as it can cause financial loss/damage to reputation.

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