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Most days it’s likely you’ll have encountered mixed messages and confusing communication signals.

What if you could learn to read facial expressions and emotions more accurately to have a positive impact on your mindset, wellbeing and level of success?

And what if you could understand how the correct interpretation of what you see unfold on a face would give you an edge in your communication and give you a competitive advantage when you know the true emotional state of someone?

Well I have you covered with this course so read on if this is for you.

Packed with visuals, videos and a running audio commentary by myself, this video on demand training module (with lifetime access) is steeped in behavioural science and offers practical, actionable skills you can implement as soon as you finish the course so you can start improving your people reading skills immediately.

Note this course is one of the modules from a broader, all encompassing comprehensive course in Behavioural Analysis and Lie Detection which is launching soon.

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