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Are you ready to really delve into human behaviour and learn how to read the concealed emotions in people, identify the behavioural clues of deceptive behaviour and get to truthful information with more accuracy using cutting edge behavioural science?

Deception detection or lie detection is a trainable skill and learning the ‘basics’ of the science takes surprisingly less time than what you might envisage.

With just one day of training you’ll suddenly start seeing and hearing things you may not have noticed before… and regardless of your profession and the industry you work in, you can begin to apply the knowledge and skills you learn immediately with the people you encounter.

Video here of me talking.

Masterclass: The science of lying - how to navigate emotions, truth and deception with greater accuracy to achieve more successful outcomes

This is a very unique one day masterclass – a course bathed in social and behavioural science.

We are excited to finally offer this live face to face training course, the first of its kind to be offered in Australia by Mind Hush Group Founder and Owner, Sharon Box. Sharon has over 27 years of communications experience and one of only two Ekman Associates currently based in Australia and licensed to offer the core Ekman approved content as part of her organisation’s range of professional training programs.

  • With corruption, fraud, misconduct and underhanded/deceptive behaviour happening every day, learning how to better detect deception and read the concealed emotions and underlying motivations of other people is becoming increasingly important in the battle to protect ourselves, our reputations, our businesses, our income/profits/bottom line and other assets.
  • Deception is big business with individuals, organisations, governments and the media lying to us on a daily basis! Deceptive behaviour is part of our DNA, woven into our culture and our history and in some professions, it is even expected.
  • Sometimes we are ‘willing’ participants in a lie such as innocent and harmless white lies, and these lies have no malintent.
  • But what we all need to be concerned with is when we are ‘unwilling’ participants in a lie – when deception is intentional and there are higher stakes involved – such as monetary loss, brand or reputational damage, the loss of a contract or a client or an inappropriate job hire for example.
  • Deceptive practices and dishonest communications by others can be very costly with financial, emotional and psychological ramifications putting individuals and businesses at risk. Deception doesn’t discriminate and unfortunately it affects most of us at some point, either directly or indirectly.

Learning outcomes in this Masterclass
Learn about the inner workings of Deception Science and the many myths around lie detection techniques and which ones you should be wary of.
The seven universal emotions we all express regardless of gender, age, culture, religion, background and location, the characteristics of these emotions and their role in deception.
How to recognise and detect concealed emotions by learning how to read and respond to facial micro expressions.
An overview of types of lies and interesting behavioural insights into what motivates our deceptive behaviour.
How to dissect and analyse body language in order to gain the upper hand in interactions with other people such as in meetings, interviews, presentations, briefings and negotiations.
How to use deception detection skills and advanced body language to identify prospective clients and customers, manage and influence people more effectively, and elicit information more efficiently to reduce the length of the negotiation and sales process.
How increasing your emotional intelligence improves your level of ability to detect deception and why emotional intelligence is becoming increasingly important in order to get to the truth when it matters.
How to increase your likeability and build rapport with anyone to do more business and achieve better results.
Who will benefit from this course?

This Masterclass is designed for individuals who deal in the currency of people.

Those that have a need to get to the truth and credibility of information from the people in their lives such as clients, customers, colleagues, managers, teams of people, business partners, board members, shareholders, suppliers and other stakeholders.

The Masterclass will benefit CEO’s, CFO’s, business leaders, entrepreneurs, managers and professionals, particularly those who work in sales, finance, accounting, human resources, law enforcement, security and intelligence, insurance, health, politics, education and the media.

Regardless of your industry, if your work and your business involves interacting with others, this course will benefit you and help you get to the truth and communicate with impact.

Course information

Interactive training course

Masterclass: The science of lying – how to navigate emotions, truth and deception with greater accuracy to achieve more successful outcomes.


Perth: Luxury hotel in CBD location to be confirmed nearer to the time. Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea all included.


Friday 18th June 2021

Event timings for the day

Arrival of delegates, registration and welcome tea and coffee – 8:30am to 9:15am

Masterclass commences 9:15am sharp

Morning tea break – 10:30am to 10:45am

Lunch break – 12:15pm to 1:15pm

Afternoon tea break – 2:30pm to 2:45pm

Masterclass concludes – 4:00pm

Learning materials

Participants will receive a workbook and will be encouraged to participate in a range of fun and engaging activities and exercises including video analysis of various Australian and overseas politicians, criminals and occupational fraudsters, celebrities and other public figures, to reinforce learning throughout the day.

Your course instructor

Your course instructor Sharon Box, has been trained in the behavioural science methodologies of Dr Paul Ekman, renowned psychologist, researcher and the world’s foremost expert in facial expressions and deception detection.

She is passionate, committed and delighted to share her expertise and knowledge with you from her 27 years in corporate communications and will keep you entertained whilst you learn with her relaxed presentation style.

Sharon holds a Bachelor of Business Degree through Edith Cowan University and is Certified in Emotional Skills and Competencies (ESaC) and Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility (ETaC) through PEI (Paul Ekman International). She is one of only two Ekman Associates currently based in Australia and accredited to offer the core Ekman training content into her training programs.

She is also an Associate Member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Keynote presentation – City of Perth Library, Perth, Western Australia (Dec 2019)
Video and images courtesy of Mack Taylor Media.

Book your Masterclass spot now for live face to face training session in Perth

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Full day Perth Masterclass –  18/6/2021

9:15am – 4:00pm

Early bird offer and 20% discount: $1200.00 – available until cob 05/05/2021 (Normal price: $1500.00)

Welcome tea and coffee, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, workbook and various other materials are all included and provided.




Please note that numbers are strictly limited to enable personalised attention and to ensure each participant is not left behind, receiving the maximum benefit from this power-packed unique day which will run at a relatively fast pace.

We expect this Masterclass to be popular as it’s the first of its kind in Australia. We therefore encourage you to book early to avoid disappointment.

Book now and take advantage of the early bird discount of 20% (valid until cob 5th May). From the 6th May the course fee will revert to the full price of $1500.00.

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