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In work and in business when the stakes are high, such as potential business, financial, emotional, reputational, security and legal consequences for example, it is critical to have the skillset to accurately decode communication messages to assess the reliability and veracity of information presented to you.

This could be from competitors, suppliers, government agencies, politicians, the media, board members, business leaders, management, business partners, colleagues, clients and other stakeholders and people you interact with.

I invite you to join us at this unique masterclass and training session: Decoding emotions, faces, body language and behaviour to uncover the truth.

With individuals and organisations competing for attention and business, communication is often fraught with mixed messages and a bending of the truth. Read how the people you interact with are ‘really feeling’ behind their emotional masks, build trust and rapport, and learn the techniques of evaluating truth and credibility and uncovering potential deceit!

This session takes you on a journey through the lens of behavioural science and biological evolution, helping you to peel back human behaviour to recognise and assess emotional states, facial expressions, body language and behaviour, to improve communication and build trust, minimise risk and achieve better performance and outcomes.

Learn how to self-regulate and manage your emotions, and harness powerful body language and nonverbal intelligence to achieve greater impact in your communication.

These skills are are transferable to a range of professional, social and personal contexts, such as in business meetings, interviews, presentations, audits and investigations, sales, negotiations, recruitment, and influencing people and situations to name a few.

Hear what some former masterclass attendees have had to say below. Testimonials and feedback also available here.


We have made this masterclass session extremely affordable for anyone who has an interest in professional self development and who wants to have a competitive advantage in their communication by mastering the art of reading people and behaviour.

Note the early bird pricing ends 11:00pm Friday 21st April. After this time the cost will revert to the original price of $299.00.

3 hour face to face session (early bird offer)

We provide a streamlined and secure customer checkout experience through PayPal with all payments processed on PayPal’s secure site and where all data and information is encrypted and protected. Payment by PayPal and major credit and debit cards.

Learn to read people with more accuracy and uncover lies through the lens of behavioural science

Some facts about deception:

  • Without specialised training most of us are no better than chance at recognising deception.
  • Possessing advanced people reading skills is critical for communication with others and in the battle to protect yourself, your reputation, your business, your income/profits/bottom line and other assets.
  • Sometimes we are ‘willing’ participants in a lie such as innocent and harmless white lies, and these lies generally have no malintent. But what you need to be concerned with is when you are an  ‘unwilling’ participant in a lie – when deception is intentional and there are higher stakes and costs involved – such as monetary loss, brand or reputational damage, the loss of a contract or a client or an inappropriate job hire for example.

The benefits you'll get from attending this session

  • Read how colleagues, business partners, clients, customers and other stakeholders are really feeling by recognising concealed emotions, and use this information to make more informed decisions and have the upper hand in your interactions. Your ability to build trust and rapport, get to the truth, and influence people and situations is crucial when dealing with the complex world of emotions and deceptive behaviour you’ll encounter!
  • Apply your newly acquired people reading and lie detection skills in many situations such as meetings, presentations, negotiations, sales pitches, sales transactions, purchases, audits and interviews, to name a few.
  • Observe people and situations in a whole new light and have the skills to extract more verbal and nonverbal intelligence and data.
  • Communicate with more authority and credibility by being aware of your own baseline behaviour, your emotions and what nonverbal communication you are revealing to others with your face and body.
  • Learn how to consciously disrupt yourself and the biases you carry around about people to capitalise on more opportunities.
  • Expand your emotional intelligence, learn what triggers your emotions and how to better manage them, and how to ‘choose’ your behaviour to build trust and credibility, motivate, persuade and communicate with more impact.
Learning outcomes from this session
Learn about the key universal emotions we ALL express regardless of gender, age, culture, religion, background and location, the characteristics of these emotions and their role in deception.
Be able to better recognise and detect concealed emotions of others by learning how to read and respond to facial micro expressions.
Learn about the common myths around body language and looking for lies.
Understand the different types of lies and interesting behavioural insights into what motivates us to be dishonest.
Learn how to baseline behaviour and dissect and analyse body language in order to gain the upper hand in interactions with other people such as in meetings, interviews, presentations, briefings and negotiations.
Learn how to use advanced people reading and body language skills to identify prospective clients and customers, manage and influence people more effectively, and elicit information more efficiently, whether to assist in the gathering of intel, for audits and investigations, or to reduce the length of the negotiation and sales process.
Have a greater understanding of how increasing your emotional intelligence and being aware of your own emotions improves your level of ability to decode mixed signals and messages and detect potential deception.
How to increase your likeability and garner rapport to build trust, create psychological safety, communicate more effectively and achieve more desirable outcomes.
Who is this course for?

This Masterclass is designed for individuals who deal in the currency of people.

The Masterclass will benefit C-suite executives, business leaders, entrepreneurs, managers and other busy professionals who have a need to get to the truth and reliability of information from the people they interact and do business with.

This course is designed for those who want to be further empowered by taking their emotional intelligence and ability to detect misleading and deceptive behaviour up a notch for more improved communication, and to gain a competitive advantage. Regardless of your industry, if your work and your business involves dealing with people, this Masterclass will benefit you providing you with skills and strategies you can employ immediately.

Event details


Liberty Offices – Level 17, 2 The Esplanade, Perth


Thursday 4th May 2023

Event timings for the day

This 3 hour face to face transformative masterclass session is unique, fun and relaxed. You’ll be kept entertained and engaged throughout the training with juicy information steeped in behavioural science that will advance your people reading skills.

MASTERCLASS TIMINGS – 9:15am – 12:45pm

Registration, welcome tea and coffee – 9:15am to 9:30am

Presentation commences 9:30am

Morning tea break with refreshments provided – 10:45am to 11:00am

Second half of the session – 11:00am to 12:30pm

Q & A session – a chance to ask any burning questions – 12:30pm to 12:45pm

Concludes 12:45pm.


To reinforce learning we’ll be be analysing the behaviour of various Australian and overseas public figures and politicians, business leaders, sportspeople, royals, poker players and occupational fraudsters.

Your presenter and facilitator

Sharon Box is presenting this session and is the Founder and Lead Behavioural Investigator for the Mind Hush Group.

She is passionate, committed and delighted to share her expertise and knowledge with you from her 30 years in corporate communications and will keep you entertained whilst you learn with her relaxed presentation style.

Sharon holds a Bachelor of Business Degree through Edith Cowan University and is Certified in Emotional Skills and Competencies (ESaC) and Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility (ETaC) through PEI (Paul Ekman International) having undertaken international training in Singapore and the UK. She also successfully completed the Paul Ekman Associate Program via Manchester in the UK. Dr Paul Ekman is a renowned psychologist, researcher and the world’s foremost expert in facial expressions and deception detection.

She is a sought after media commentator providing her expert views  and analysis across Australian radio, television and print media.

Notable speaking highlights include presenting at the 2020 ACFE Fraud Conference Asia-Pacific, and speaking engagements/training sessions for the Australian Institute of Management (AIM WA), Rotary Club of Matilda Bay and the City of Subiaco Library.

Above: Highlights from interactive keynote presentation, City of Perth Library, Perth, Western Australia. Video footage courtesy of Mack Taylor Media.

Please note that numbers are strictly limited for this power-packed unique and fun session.

Note:  Please be aware that parts of this presentation may be filmed and/or photographed for educational, research and marketing purposes.
Cancellation and Refund policy: Refer to our Terms and Conditions here.

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