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How good is your poker face?

It’s likely that we’ll all have times where we will want to hold our cards close to our chest so to speak!

Are you ready to peel back human behaviour and learn how to read people with more accuracy using evidence based behavioural science? Read how management, board members, colleagues, clients, salespeople and other people you interact with are really feeling.

And learn what you yourself are revealing to other people through your facial expressions and body language, there is a science to it.

Learn to read people and become better at spotting lies through the lens of behavioural science, as well as learning what your own behaviour is revealing to others!

Some facts about deception:

  • Without specialised training most of us are no better than chance at recognising deception.
  • Possessing advanced people reading skills is critical for communication with others and in the battle to protect yourself, your reputation, your business, your income/profits/bottom line and other assets.
  • Sometimes we are ‘willing’ participants in a lie such as innocent and harmless white lies, and these lies generally have no malintent. But what you need to be concerned with is when you are an  ‘unwilling’ participant in a lie – when deception is intentional and there are higher stakes and costs involved – such as monetary loss, brand or reputational damage, the loss of a contract or a client or an inappropriate job hire for example.
  • Sometimes we will want to conceal how we are really feeling for all sorts of reasons. Strategies and skills can be learned to help you consciously manage and have better control of your emotions and nonverbal communication/body language in certain situations.

Your consultant and trainer

Sharon Box, the Founder and Lead Behavioural Investigator of the Mind Hush Group, trains people in advanced behaviour analysis including reading micro expressions.

She is passionate, committed and delighted to share her expertise and knowledge with you from her 30 years in corporate communications and will keep you entertained whilst you learn with her relaxed presentation style.

Sharon has both Business and Behavioural Science qualifications. She holds a Bachelor of Business Degree through Edith Cowan University and is Certified in Emotional Skills and Competencies (ESaC) and Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility (ETaC) through PEI (Paul Ekman International) having undertaken international training in Singapore and the United Kingdom.

She is a sought after media commentator providing her expert views and behavioural analysis across Australian radio, television and online media. Her media partner is Media Stable. She was interviewed as their guest recently for their latest podcast which can be heard here.

Notable speaking highlights include presenting at the 2020 ACFE Fraud Conference Asia-Pacific, and speaking engagements/training sessions for the Australian Institute of Management (AIM WA), Rotary Club of Matilda Bay and the City of Subiaco Library.

Testimonials and feedback from clients, students and event delegates can be found here.

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