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Are you ready to peel back human behaviour and learn how to read people with more accuracy using cutting edge behavioural science, neuroscience and behavioural psychology? Recognise deception, what people are really feeling, and elicit critical information to improve your interactions and outcomes with others.

25% discount off a 3 hour in-person consultation session – Exploring the science of human behaviour

Some facts about deception:

  • Without specialised training most of us are no better than chance at recognising deception.
  • Possessing advanced people reading skills is critical for communication with others and in the battle to protect yourself, the people you care about, your reputation, your business, your income/profits/bottom line and other assets.
  • Sometimes we are ‘willing’ participants in a lie such as innocent and harmless white lies, and these lies generally have no malintent. What you need to be concerned with is when you are an  ‘unwilling’ participant in a lie – when deception is intentional and there are higher stakes and costs involved – such as monetary loss, brand or reputational damage, the loss of a contract or a client or emotional and psychological impacts for example.

The benefits you'll get from this consultancy session

  • Read how friends, family members, romantic partners, colleagues, business partners, clients, customers and other stakeholders are really feeling by recognising concealed emotions, and use these skills to make more informed decisions, decisions that are in your best interests, and have the upper hand in your interactions.
  • Increase your ability to build trust and rapport, get to the truth, and influence people and situations when dealing with the complex world of emotions and deceptive behaviour you’ll encounter!
  • Apply your newly acquired people reading and lie detection skills in many of your personal and business situations such as in personal interactions, business meetings, presentations, negotiations, sales pitches, sales transactions, investment purchases, and interviews, to name a few.
  • Observe people and situations in a whole new light and have the skills to extract more data and information.
  • Communicate with more authority and credibility by being aware of your own emotions, what triggers them and what non verbal communication you are revealing to others with your face and body.
  • Learn how to choose your behaviour to build trust and credibility, motivate, persuade and communicate with more impact.

Normal price: $500.00.

Special 25% discount – you’ll pay only $375.00*

*This is an in person session face to face session (9.30am to 12.30pm) with the training taking place at either a Perth CBD location (refreshments included), or, if your office is located within a 20km radius of the Perth CBD  and has a suitable meeting room, Sharon can deliver the session at your workplace if you prefer.

The date will be arranged directly with you.

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3 hour face to face session

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