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We are in the business of professional development education and provide scientific based training in emotional intelligence, deception detection and other advanced people skills to people where obtaining credible and truthful information is critical to their decision making and results.
  • We believe the most important asset a person can have is ‘themselves’ and in an increasingly competitive world, ongoing personal growth and self development is vital and a necessary investment to ensure both success and general wellbeing.
  • We see education in emotional intelligence is increasingly key in improving wellbeing as it benefits not only the individual, but has been proven to make good financial and strategic sense for businesses and organisations, regardless of the industry or occupation.
  • Empirical research is consistently revealing that wellbeing is a marker for success and accomplishment. Companies are increasingly looking for employees who communicate well with others and work well on teams. When people are more effective and impactful communicators, happy and have a sense of purpose, they are more productive and thrive in all aspects of their lives.
  • Deception is a part of everyone’s daily lives whether they like it or not – of course, not all deception is harmful such as innocent and well meaning white lies/low stake lies. Deception detection involves multi-disciplinary science, unfortunately there remains many myths around the subject and various resources and information out in the public domain which are inaccurate.
  • We are on a mission to expose these myths, demystify the psychology behind deception, unravel human behaviour and provide practical tools to help you get to the truth.
  • Whether you’re a CEO managing a small or large staff, a Director, a small business owner, entrepreneur or employee, we are here to help you to navigate emotions, truth and lies with greater accuracy to help you make even better people and business decisions with the people you encounter and interact with in your life.
The Mind Hush Group

Our focus is sharing what we know about behavioural science and help you navigate truth and lies. The focus is on YOU, and how we can help you develop yourself by leveling up your interpersonal communication skills.

Our specialised training is based on psychology, cognitive science and neuroscience.

Constantly looking to the scientific community, industry and academia for the most relevant empirical research and latest developments, we bring together our experience of over 27 years in corporate communications across multiple sectors and international markets, blended with what we know the science tells us, providing you with the skills, knowledge, tools and strategies to assess the emotional states and underlying motives of other people.

The skills will help you to read people with greater accuracy on how they are feeling and the techniques then applied in day to day life. They will also help you better understand what drives your own behaviour and emotions and how you can manage them with more control.

Our goal is to share the existing and proven science with you, so you can use the training constructively in the relationships you have with other people.

Why the business was launched

The Mind Hush Group was launched as a need was recognised to educate others in the growing field of emotional intelligence and deception science, with the goal of helping people understand themselves and others on a deeper level, become master communicators, and make more informed decisions to achieve greater success in their lives.

Our Founder Sharon Box, has now committed her career and efforts into sharing her knowledge and expertise through a range of training courses, keynote presentations and masterclasses to:

  • Help others understand what drives human behaviour and the science behind it to improve their lives and levels of success;
  • Clarify the many myths and incorrect information pertaining to deceptive behaviour and lie detection techniques;
  • Help educate people put their bias aside in the judgment of others before knowing all the facts and situational context;
  • Identify and read the concealed emotions of others through verbal and non-verbal behaviour communication channels;
  • Help people make better business and people decisions from the people and organisations they encounter to mitigate emotional and financial ramifications the deceptive behaviour of others can potentially cause.
Our Founder

Sharon Box BBus.

Founder, Owner and Lead Behavioural Investigator for the Mind Hush Group.

A communications expert and experienced marketing strategist, Sharon has had international training in behavioural science with a focus on deception detection, evaluating truth and credibility and emotional intelligence.

Behavioural Science

Along with experience in consumer psychology, Sharon undertook international training in Singapore and became a Certified Practitioner in Emotional Skills and Competencies (ESaC) and Evaluating Truth and Credibility (ETaC), including reading micro expressions, through the scientific methodologies and teachings of Dr Paul Ekman. She then went on to complete the Ekman Associate Program via the UK to achieve her Ekman Associate status.

Sharon has been trained in the cutting-edge behavioural science methodologies of Dr Paul Ekman, renowned psychologist, researcher and the world’s foremost expert in facial expressions and deception detection.

She is a Paul Ekman approved Associate and one of only two Ekman trained professionals currently based in Australia. As an Associate, she is licensed to deliver the official Dr Paul Ekman approved content as part of her wider training offerings.



Sharon continually undertakes study and industry training to keep up to date with the latest developments in the fields of psychology, sociology and neuroscience. She is also an Associate Member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (No. 964657) and was a speaker at the 2020 ACFE Fraud Conference Asia-Pacific.


As a corporate communications and marketing strategist, she has over 27 years of commercial experience in marketing strategy, communications, consumer psychology and growth strategies for organisations across the private, public and government sector.

With extensive international business experience in Australasian, Asian, Middle Eastern and UK/European markets, she has worked across a diverse spectrum of industries and has also had the unique experience of working alongside numerous government embassies and trade offices around the globe.

She is a dual citizen of Australia and the UK.

Degrees, Certifications, Awards and Professional Association Memberships
  • Bachelor of Business Degree (Double major in Marketing & E- Commerce), Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia;
  • Ekman Associate Program – Approved and licenced Paul Ekman Associate, Paul Ekman International;
  • Certified in Emotional Skills and Competencies (ESaC), Paul Ekman International;
  • Certified in Evaluating Truth and Credibility (ETaC), Paul Ekman International;
  • Certified in reading facial micro expressions and subtle expressions; Paul Ekman Group;
  • Honours Award for scholastic excellence and achievement, Edith Cowan University;
  • Member of the National Golden Key Society – Edith Cowan University;
  • Associate Member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE);
  • Member of the Australian British Chamber of Commerce (ABCC);
  • Professional Member of the Australian Institute of Management WA (AIMWA).


Some interesting facts about our Founder
  • An adventurous risk taker, traveller and explorer, Sharon has travelled extensively across the globe and ranks travelling across Australia on the back of a motorcycle, trekking along the Great Wall of China, riding a bicycle around Shinjuku in Tokyo, touring the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea and exploring glaciers in Iceland as some of her most memorable moments.
  • She’s a passionate photographer and always on the lookout to capture images of the environment with a love of landscapes, nature and architecture.
Contact Sharon

sbox@mindhushgroup.com | LinkedIn

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