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I am a behavioural investigator, behavioural science consultant, speaker, educator, trainer and media commentator.

The media reach out to me from time to time where I provide my expert commentary on a range of topics and issues including, but not limited to:

  • Reading and decoding facial expressions and body language
  • Analysing behaviour, including concealed and potential deceptive behaviour
  • Dissecting verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Unpacking emotions and behaviour across the business, political, celebrity and sporting landscape.

Looking for a media commentator on all things behaviour (the good, the bad and the ugly)? Let's chat!

From analysing the body language and behaviour of the former and current Australian Prime Minister, to various public figures, sports stars and celebrities, I provide behavioural analysis on people from all walks of life.

I am available to provide you with unique and revealing behavioural insights for your audience using my relatable personality, blended with jargon free science, to get my commentary across in an easily digestible manner.

If you’d like to book me for a radio or television program appearance or if you need an expert comment for your story, I can be contacted at: or telephone: 0415 385 297.

Connect or follow me on my main socials: LinkedIn | Instagram | Twitter

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