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If you have ever been interested in learning more about behavioural analysis, to feel more empowered with more effective people reading skills, and being able to determine who is being honest with you and who isn’t with more accuracy that what you do now, this VoD (Video on Demand) training series is a great starting point to get you on your way.

Through the application of behavioural science, neuroscience and behavioural psychology, gain a competitive advantage by harnessing valuable behavioural insights. Communicate more effectively with colleagues, clients, new prospects, industry, the media and other people you come across and interact with, end up with better results and outcomes and protect your wellbeing.


This training is for people who have an interest in being able to read and analyse human behaviour with more accuracy to improve communication exchanges and achieve better outcomes, and who have a need to get to the truth and reliability of information from the individuals and organisations they interact with and do business with.

This includes C-suite executives, directors, business leaders, managers, business owners, entrepreneurs and other busy professionals across a range of industry sectors.

The skills you will learn are transferable to a range of professional, social and personal contexts, such as in business meetings, interviews, presentations, audits and investigations, sales, negotiations, recruitment, and influencing people and situations to name a few.


  • Peel back human behaviour to recognise and assess emotional states, facial expressions, body language and behaviour in context
  • Improve how you self-regulate and manage your emotions
  • Improve communication, build trust and credibility
  • Minimise and manage risk when it comes to people and information
  • Apply all of that knowledge to achieve better performance and outcomes and better protect yourself from the deceptive behaviour of others.

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Purchase our signature VoD training course and learn in your own time. The information packed video bundle comprises 6 modules with 80 minutes of viewing time. To compliment and reinforce learning you will also have access to downloadable PDFs for each of the modules (over 200 pages).


Sharon holds a Bachelor of Business and is a communications specialist with over 30 years’ experience in the corporate sector across both private and public sectors in various industries. She has had international training in behavioural science in Singapore and the UK with a focus on emotional intelligence, deception detection, and neuroscience.

She has been trained in the scientific methodologies of Dr Paul Ekman, renowned psychologist, researcher and the world’s foremost expert in facial expressions and deception detection. As a former Paul Ekman Associate, she is a Certified Practitioner in Emotional Skills and Competencies (ESaC), Evaluating Truth and Credibility (ETaC) and reading micro and subtle facial expressions. You can learn more about Sharon here.

The benefits you'll get from this course

  • Read how colleagues, managers, business partners, clients, customers and other stakeholders are really feeling by recognising concealed emotions, and use these skills to make more informed decisions, decisions that are in your best interests, and have the upper hand in your interactions.
  • Increase your ability to build trust and rapport, get to the truth, and influence people and situations when dealing with the complex world of emotions and deceptive behaviour you’ll encounter!
  • Apply your newly acquired people reading and lie detection skills in many of your personal and business situations such as in personal interactions, business meetings, presentations, negotiations, sales pitches, sales transactions, and interviews, to name a few.
  • Observe people and situations in a whole new light and have the skills to extract more data and information.
  • Communicate with more authority and credibility by being aware of your own emotions, what triggers them and what non verbal communication you are revealing to others with your face and body.
  • Learn how to choose your behaviour to build trust and credibility, motivate, persuade and communicate with more impact.


“Sharon Box, is a specialist in the behaviour and neuroscience field. I have had the pleasure on a number of occasions to hear Sharon speak and converse with her personally in her field of expertise and the great benefits her skills and knowledge would be to a business. If you are looking to ‘add value to a client or your business progression in advance communications’ this is one you need to consider. In the case of staff negotiations, organisation development or understanding people’s behaviour and how they respond now is the new way in moving your business forward in the future.

Take the opportunity to hear Sharon present or contact her to find out more about her work, you will be very impressed and well informed of the possibilities you could gain from her training.”

“Thanks for an informative and insightful programme Sharon. I’d certainly attend your future events, and will recommend these programmes to my clients.”

“I was pleased to attend a session on Lie Detection that Sharon ran at the Perth Library recently. Whilst everyone is different and some people probably lie with greater effect than others, it was fascinating to consider some ofthe common signs or tells to look for. Understanding and awareness in this space has to be a useful asset.”

“I was intrigued to attend the unique ‘Science of lying’ keynote and training session with Sharon. I found learning how to look for micro facial expressions in people’s faces extremely useful. I am now using what I learned to better read my colleagues and the students I deal with, and how they are ‘really feeling’. This has helped me to communicate more effectively to get the information I need and solve any problems as they arise.

I thoroughly recommend this training if you are interested in learning about how to recognise emotions in people and how behavioural clues can help you increase your chances of catching when people aren’t being honest with you.”

“Sharon presented at our Rotary meeting and you could hear a pin drop during the talk. Everyone was spell bound by the very interesting and entertaining talk on deception and detection. Sharon is a great presenter and highly recommended.”

“I just wanted to say thank you Sharon Box for your insightful session on behavioural sciences and detecting deception. I recommend anyone who wants to improve on their team management, interpersonal skills, hiring/recruitment, behavioural analysis to come to you to develop their skills. It felt like your knowledge was second nature to you, as you remained your warm humble self while delivering the content. You have opened my mind up to the wide world of behavioural sciences and an exciting journey. Thank you!

More testimonials can be found here.


For a limited time this course is AUD 99.00

Reading people and behaviour more effectively

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