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Current COVID-19 scams in Australia

Scammers are using the spread of COVID-19 to take advantage of consumers across Australia.

Scamwatch has received over 4,560 scam reports mentioning the coronavirus with over $5,118,000 in reported losses since the outbreak of COVID-19 (Source: Scamwatch/ACCC – Australian Competition & Consumer Commission).

Common scams include phishing for personal information, online shopping, and superannuation scams.

A reminder to please not provide your personal, banking or superannuation details to people you don’t know. Scammers may pretend to have a connection or existing relationship with you when telephoning you, texting you or emailing you, so it’s important to stop and check/verify who they are, even when you are approached by what you think is a trusted organisation.

Further information, details and examples of a range of COVID-19 scams to be aware of can be found here.

Sharon Box

Founder, Owner and Lead Behavioural Investigator – Mind Hush Group.

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