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Smiling, we all do it – a sneak peek into the science of smiling!

The human body contains around 640 muscles. Smiling involves four of them and it’s the same for all of us.

Smiling is a highly versatile and ambiguous facial expression, for example it can convey enjoyment and satisfaction, it can convey pity or relief and it can convey sarcastic disapproval.

A smile that isn’t for ‘enjoyment’ is a fake smile or non-genuine smile, also referred to as a social smile, there are ways you can tell the difference using science!

We’ll be covering more on smiling and the universal facial expression and emotion of happiness in a series of upcoming webinars. In the meantime we invite you to browse through our free resources.

Sharon Box

Founder, Owner and Lead Behavioural Investigator – Mind Hush Group.

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