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In 2020 you will be lied to

Over the course of 2020, it is likely that at some point you will interact with people who will lie to you.

Depending on high stake the situation, there may be consequences, whether small or large, direct or indirect.

Here are 3 important facial expressions to watch out for in the office/your workplace:

1. Contempt – Corner of one lip is raised and curled upwards. This emotion where one feels superiority over another is one which can be dangerous in business as it can cause financial loss/damage to reputation.

2. Anger – Eyebrows are pulled down and together and the lips are rolled inwards. Anger in the workplace can cause stress and tension, distrust and less productivity.

3. Disgust – Upper lip is raised up and the lower lip juts out, the top and sides of nose wrinkle/scrunch up and the eyebrows are lowered. Can result in exclusion from a team and a toxic environment where people avoid having interactions/working collaboratively with certain people.

Sharon Box

Founder, Owner and Lead Behavioural Investigator – Mind Hush Group.

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